Oktoberfest Part II

After running away from our new acquaintances we decided to hunt for some food.  Another common Oktoberfest food is ordering hen.  My friend and I shared half of one and it was delicious!

Because of the rain we and the cold we wanted to find another place to get warm and have a drink.  Unfortunately, because of the rain the tents were packed and we didn’t want to spend the time forcing ourselves into small spaces to fit at a table.  Instead we found an outdoor stand, complete with umbrellas (so though we were cold, we stopped getting wet) and ordered a beer!  This time Franziskaner Weissbier.



Apparently we looked too nice because we struck up a conversation with another group of American men who were in the Army stationed in Germany.  Because we were all freezing (and despite our best efforts a bit wet) we took the U-bahn into Munich to find a bar for drinks, food and warmth.  We stayed there for a bit, had delicious beer, delicious french fries, and I managed to take a tumble down the stairs.  Its okay though! I’m fine.

After a while we headed back to Octoberfest without our new American friends (they were drunk and happy and wanted to stay).  We found the Weissbier stand again and had another drink.  And when we were done we smuggled our classes out under our coats!  A security guard stopped us and asked us to return them but we convinced him with our charms to let us keep them.  We bought delicious sweetened almonds and headed back to the bus station about an hour and a half early.  All we wanted to do was stay warm!





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